Cardboard label

бирки картонные
печать картонных этикеток
изготовление картонных бирок
навесные ярлыки на одежду

In many industries, labeling is used. Hangtags for clothing and jewelry are the most widely used labels. Cardboard labels usually contain information about the product – its name, composition, size, part number, etc. Previously, they were manually filled with an ordinary ballpoint pen, but ordering such labels at a printing house now seems expensive so why a new method of manufacturing them was invented.

With the help of special equipment, cardboard labels with the necessary printed text on them are made in a few minutes. If necessary, bar coding is performed to automatically identify the product unit. Cardboard tags can be made using various technologies. The result may be a laminated product with a matte/glossy finish, it looks more solid than analogs, and attracts more attention. Varnish can be used as a protective coating, such labels are cheaper but not very durable.

картонные бирки киев
навесные ярлыки
навесные ярлыки на одежду
печать картонных бирок

On our website, you can order the printing of cardboard tags with a more elegant gloss, the effect is achieved through the use of special technology of applying varnish. For the same purpose, glitter can be used (made from metallic, color, white, gold, silver film).

Order the manufacture of cardboard tags at us and we will make sure that the image of your product would grow. So you will not only convey important information to the consumer, but also help to create a positive product image. Our experts will help determine the design of the cardboard label, which will allow you to achieve the expected effect, and as a result – business success.

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Label Type: Cardboard

Width, mm minimum - 10 mm, maximum - 560 mm
Length mm minimum - 30 mm, maximum - 500 mm
Quantity, pcs min - 500 pcs, unlimited
Chromaticity, number of colors min - 1 base color, max - 8 colors
Material Description
Density g/m2 28, 52, 60, 70, 80, 90

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Why do we need tags on goods?

The label is one of the most effective advertising tools, which demonstrates not only the logo and brand name but also the status and level of the company. Most often, such an attribute is found on the wardrobe elements. It shows the brand name, size, rules of care for a thing and a lot of other useful information. Paper labels for clothing is the most common option thanks to an affordable price.


Information on paper tags for clothing

The label on clothes is a valuable source of information for the buyer. The manufacturer determines the size, material, shape, and its design. But any hinged cardboard label must carry the following parameters:

– product size;
– material from which the product is made;
– corporate logo;
– care tips.

In addition, it may indicate the ratio of natural and synthetic fabrics, part numbers, and codes. The text on the label should be as readable as possible: the font is legible, and its size allows you to read the content at arm’s length.


Manufacturing technology

Hangtags for clothing are produced by two technologies – using digital or offset printing. Digital technology is most often selected for small runs, but offset printing of cardboard labels is intended for large orders.

In both cases, different paper is used: coated, offset, Kraft, and designer cardboard. It can be improved with the help of glossy or matte lamination, varnishing, stamping and other additional functions.