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    Custom Labels, hangtags, tallies, tags

    Each manufactured product has its own business card, this role is played by brand labels and various tags. They contain all the useful information for the buyer about the product provided, ranging from the material from which it is made to care tips. Therefore, branded labels for custom-made clothing in Kiev are now in high demand.


    Making clothing labels and hangtags: types and features

    Clothing hangtags are able to emphasize the style of the manufacturer. The first thing that a customer in a store pays attention to, when having noticed an interesting cloth, is a label. Named hangtags and labels declare the origin of the goods, and thereby promote the manufacturer’s company in the top sellers. Thus, these hangtags perform both informational and advertising function. On our website, you can buy the labels and hangtags of the following types:

    • Jacquard– they are often attached outside the product, attracting the attention by a special brilliance and structure, long-wearing and durable;
    • Printed on textile – they mainly contain information about the size, material and other important information about the product. The main advantage is that their creation does not take much time;
    • Cardboard – production of this type is characterized by simplicity and thoughtful design, which allows to divert attention from the price of the goods;
    • Leather – hangtags and labels of this type are printed on natural material. Labels are placed on shoes, clothing, and accessories. This emphasizes their status and creates a sense of costliness.

    The latter type is also often used as a label for wardrobe items and accessories. It is also possible to manufacture labels on ribbons, drawing pictures of any format and size. Marking tags and labels of this kind are made using various techniques for applying images, taking into account the characteristics of the material. This ensures the long preservation of the primary marketable condition. In addition, you can buy a clothing label on ribbon as a way to decorate gifts, furniture, etc. Production of labels of this type can be carried out as a separate element, with the ability to simply attach a badge on the ribbon.


    Where to order clothing labels

    You can buy products in a roll on our website. Such a custom clothing label is distinguished by high quality and thoughtful design, which will emphasize the individuality of each product and make it more attractive to a potential customer. Production of labels is carried out only on durable materials, thereby allowing them to be not only beautiful in appearance, but also resistant to damage.


    It is quite simple to buy clothing labels in Ukraine, for this it is enough just to email us or contact our consultants. In addition, you can order patterns of clothing tags of any of the specified types to make sure that it’s appropriate for your products. Thus, there’s no need to worry about the fact that the product will not meet your requirements and you can find exactly that one which presents the manufactured goods as attractive as possible.