Metal label

шильды металлические
бирки металлические
металлическая бирка
маркировка на металле

The label is a kind of product tag, which contains the main information about it, its properties, and methods of operation. There are many different types of labeling products on the market. Metallic labels compare favorably among them as they serve not only for labeling the product, but also represent an effective tool to promote the brand. For example, if the nameplates from paper or fabric are almost immediately removed from a product be the buyer, the metallic tag remains in place and serves as an unusual decoration and a stylish element of the image.

Metallic nameplates – characteristics

Such labelling products carry the customer’s corporate identity with the brand logo. They differ in reliability and durability to mechanical influences, unlike other types of labelling. Most often, the metallic tags are ordered by manufacturers of:

But if we give full scope to our imagination and outside-the-box thinking, then custom metal labels can include as well:

But still, custom metal labels for clothing are more popular. For example, a zipper in the form of an original item or with the desired inscription will serve as a beautiful decoration of a piece of clothing and carry information about the brand.

металлическая бирка с красной надписью
металлическая этикетка звезда
лейблы из металла на заказ
бирки металлические изготовление

Labelling on metal – manufacturing techniques

Metal logos are made on high-tech equipment using laser embossing or engraving, which allows creating a 3D effect or a beautiful relief image. Custom metallic tags for clothes are created from:

Gold or silver can be applied on any products. But the manufacture of metallic labels made of galvanized alloys is in the stable demand among customers, as they are easy to process, have an adequate cost and are resistant to external influences. Plus, they can be painted in any color that is not erased even in the case of constant use of the thing.

A custom-made metallic logo can look completely different: round, square, rectangular, oval, or have a fancy figured shape – cars, stars, leaf, hearts, and others. According to the customer’s project, a fastener is attached to the part, from either side, usually it is either a special loop or a hole of any shape right in the label.

Our company will help you to create real works of labelling art with high quality and in due time. We work with a different number of products and implement any customer fantasies. Promote the goods with us!

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Label Type: Metallic

Width, mm minimum - 10 mm, maximum - 560 mm
Length mm minimum - 30 mm, maximum - 500 mm
Quantity, pcs min - 100 pcs, max - 10,000 pcs / hour
Chromaticity, number of colors min - 1 base color, max - 8 colors
Lurex Lurex - gold, shiny thread

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