Stickers and adhesive labels

самоклеящиеся этикетки
этикетки самоклеящиеся
изготовление наклеек
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To attract the attention of buyers to the product, a bright design can be used. A variety of labels and stickers contribute to this, helping identify products as well as tell more about its properties. Therefore, the manufacture of custom-made self-adhesive label stickers is now quite in demand because they can make the product more competitive and distinguish it from its analogues.

Advantages of self-adhesive labels

The success in the sale depends on the appearance of products. It makes up the first impression, and accordingly, is one of the main reasons for the interest of the buyer. Today, the production of custom-made stickers and adhesive labels, in which the price may vary depending on the characteristics of the products, is mainly for the purpose of:

– attracting the attention of the consumer;
– making the product more prominent compared to others;
– providing detailed information about the product;
– familiarization with the rules of operation and storage conditions.

The data also contains an advertising message, which calls for a purchase. So, self-adhesive labels with a logo can be bought in order to promote products of a particular manufacturer. Production is carried out in strict compliance with the requirements for them, which guarantee successful advertising of the product and its demand compared to its analogues.

этикетка самоклеющаяся
купить самоклеющиеся этикетки

How to print self-adhesive labels

Our website offers printing of custom-made stickers in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, which will make the manufactured items and things more attractive for a potential buyer. Their production is carried out using flexographic machines. They allow working with a variety of materials, including textiles and foil.

Printing on stickers is carried out by applying images to the surface of the ribbon on special drums. With this, the information is selected on the basis of data on the manufactured item for which the printing of self-adhesive stickers with the logo of the company producing the product is intended. The image often contains information about the rules of exploitation and care for a particular thing.

Types of self-adhesive stickers

Ribbons with printed images on self-adhesive sticker are distinguished by such parameters as:

– the volume of circulation;
– the level of complexity of production;
– production speed.

This determines the printing of label stickers and what price will be set for them. The material used influences the cost. Such ribbons are mainly produced from metallic white semi-glossy or white matte paper with further lamination on paper having special parameters. They are set by the client on the basis of operating conditions and may be represented as an increased rigidity of the material, its moisture resistance.

Order stickers on self-adhesive paper in Ukraine

Our company provides services for the production of labels in rolls, intended for the preparation of various categories of goods. We offer self-adhesive stickers on clothes with a high-quality barcode at the most pleasant prices. A wide selection of ribbons with printed images and a quick manufacturing process will highlight the uniqueness of your products and make them more attractive as soon as possible.
You can buy them on our website by emailing us or by contacting the consultants by the specified phone numbers.


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Label Type: Sticker (adhesive label, Barcode)

Width, mm minimum - 10 mm, maximum - 560 mm
Length mm minimum - 30 mm, maximum - 500 mm
Quantity, pcs min - 1000 pcs, max - 10000 pcs
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