Composition label and size label

The label is a carrier of information and basic data about the product. When producing clothing, one of the tasks to be implemented is not only to brand a thing, but also specify the size, so that it would be comfortable for the client to choose a cloth. Also, the composition of the materials of the product should be specified. When it comes to delicate clothing, manufacturers provide instructions for the care of the product. Therefore, labels differ in the type of fabric:

There are also differences in characteristics. Composer labels for clothing are tags that indicate the composition of the material and how to care for the cloth. Size labels for clothing, in turn, acquaint the buyer with the size of the item of clothing.

Manufacturing composition labels and size labels

Nowadays there are many ways to solve this issue and approaches can be very different. You can buy composition labels for clothing quickly and easily on our website. It is easier to choose type of label based on your product. For underwear and underclothing that fits the body, satin label or printing on atlas ribbon are the most suitable. For the outer garments, durable jacquard label or a combination of jacquard with satin or nylon will be more suitable. It happens that the composition labels and size labels are included in the set. Many manufacturers combine useful information for the buyer on a single tag (see examples in the photo). Harmoniously placed: manufacturer’s logo, size, composition, information about the care, country of manufacture, barcode, and even contact information.

Our online store offers to buy size labels for clothing at competitive prices. The quality of the composition labels and size labels must be at a high level and maintain a good appearance throughout the time of use of the cloth. For more detailed advice, you can always contact the staff of our company, by phone numbers in the contact section or leave a request by filling out the form below.

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