Jacquard label

Types of jacquard labels

For jacquard labels, it is important that the image or text on the label would be clearly visible and readable. Therefore, sometimes, the density of the thread for text or image is doubled.

Jacquard label can be made with different thread density in the image and the base. This is one of the main indicators of quality of the label. A woven label with a high thread density will look vivid and attractive.

Jacquard tag with lurex yarn thread. Manufacturers of exquisite things, when ordering a label for the image of a logo or text, choose a lurex yarn metallic thread. Such attached labels shimmer beautifully in the rays of light and glitter.

Jacquard tag with silk thread. Silk thread is several times thinner than ordinary one, so it can be used to create a small text on the label. But the main feature of such a textile label is its appearance. The silk thread glitters a little and shimmers in the light, it looks different and special.

Textured jacquard tag. Such labels have a grooved, voluminous surface that can be felt by touching. The texture of the basis of such a label can be absolutely of any type according to your desire. Textured textile label looks interesting and special. A fierce desire to touch it arises.

Glue-based jacquard tag. It’s mainly used for branding shoes. Such label is made on special equipment. During production, the finished ribbon with a jacquard label is applied to the adhesive tape. As a result, when removing the label from the tape, you get an adhesive outer base, with which it’s easily to attach the label to the place of sewing.

Jacquard label with laser cutting. With this technology, we will manufacture for you a label of any shape with a finished edge. In order to make the attached hangtags elastic, the base is reinforced by an additional layer of fabric or silicone.

Embossed jacquard tag. If you want to be unique among other manufacturers, highlight your brand by applying this production technology. Your logo will look volumetric on the label and the final consumer will certainly pay attention and want to touch it. The label surface glossing technology is also used here, which adds smoothness and shine. Such fabric labels for clothing will be retained in the end user’s memory for a long time by.


On our website, you can order free patterns of jacquard tags and labels, manufactured using the above listed technologies in order to evaluate the quality of products and make a choice. We also provide branding and label design services. Contact us! We are waiting for your calls!

Catalog of threads for jacquard labels

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Jacquard label is made up to 20 centimeters in width; there are no restrictions on the length. Cutting is possible in length and in width with a hot knife or ultrasound, which prevents the fanning-out of the edge. The number of colors in the manufacture of labels varies from one to twelve. The color of the label can be chosen from the colors palette. Density varies 24 to 120 stitches per square millimeter. Smoothing is done on the equipment as follows.

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Label type: Jacquard

Width, mm minimum - 10 mm, maximum - 200 mm
Length mm minimum - from 10 mm
Quantity, pcs min - from 1,000 pcs
Chromaticity, number of colors min - 1 base color, max - 12 colors
Lurex Lurex - gold, shiny thread

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Making jacquard clothing labels

Custom-made fabric flag labels emphasize the brand’s prestige and distinctiveness. The weaving technology is more complex and costly than printing, therefore the presence of such a fabric flag makes it possible to attribute clothing to the premium segment. Fabric jacquard flag can be inexpensive. The price depends on the circulation, material, type of weaving, size, and number of colors. Therefore, each order is processed individually to determine the value of the batch. Jacquard clothing labels are of such types:

  • jacquard labels;
  • fabric zipper pullers – mounted directly on the zipper by means of a hole in the label;
  • dimensional flag-labels for clothing;
  • glue-based fabric labels – separating the label from the base, it can be glued to the product.

Manufacture of jacquard labels includes different weaving options. Threads can be of different colors, including metallic and shiny. It is possible to create embossed designs with company emblems and other symbols. Special equipment allows making flags with complex patterns and thin lines. Jacquard labels with a logo are made using different types of weaving:

  • Atlas;
  • Damask;
  • Taffeta;
  • Double Satin;
  • Reps.

Most often, custom jacquard labels are made in the form of weaves: Taffeta, Atlas, Damask. Taffeta is the simplest weaving used for inexpensive clothes. Atlas is more expensive in performance, a smoother thread is used and there is a typical gloss and silkiness on the front side. Damask weave is the best of the usual types. The weave is very dense made of thin threads, due to which a high accuracy of the details of the pattern is obtained. It is also possible to print labels on the fabric – this type of production lies in the fact that the logo is not woven on the tag but applied to it by means of printing.


Hemming of jacquard fabric labels

For each type of fabric tag, its required and possible sizes are calculated. The type of hemming is selected depending on the purpose of the batch of labels. You can order jacquard labels on clothes with different types of hemming. The main types of hemming:

  • hanger hemming;
  • hemming at both ends;
  • flag;
  • center fold;
  • cutting without hemming.

The advantages and applications of textile labels

Branding is an advertising tool that can really attract attention and make a good impression on potential buyers. To promote products in the form of clothing, the manufacturer can use textile labels that look natural, carry information about the cloth, and, moreover, do an excellent job with advertising.

Jacquard tags are among the most sought after. Products for which they can be used are the most diverse. Such attached labels for clothing are used for any clothes: from underwear to outerwear, as well as shoes, furniture, bedding or other textiles. The only limitation is that the fabric to which the label is sewn must be dense. However, this is not a problem if stripe on a thin fabric is necessary. For this, smaller versions are used, which are sewn on the bottom edge.

Jacquard labels for clothing really enhance the company’s reputation if they are distinguished by high quality and attractive appearance. The manufacturer usually prefers the image of the logo and advertising slogan, if any. Due to this, the product becomes unique and memorable, and, most likely, the buyer will want to buy more clothes of this brand.

The jacquard label has remarkable performance characteristics. It does not fade in the sun, does not wear out quickly, perfectly maintains all operations performed with the clothing itself, including washing, ironing, professional cleaning and others.


Custom-made jacquard tags

The printing is not applied to the jacquard label, the manufacturing technology of the flag labels consists in a special weaving of threads on the weaver loom that forms a pattern. There are no restrictions on the number of colors, it all depends on the layout provided by the client. However, if more than four colors are used, it is advisable to make a sample first in order to make sure that it actually looks beautiful. Woven labels for clothing come in roll or with edge hemming. The cutting method is different, depending on the desired result. Hot cutting will prevent unweaving of the threads and ultrasound technology will provide soft edges. It is possible to attach a jacquard label on clothes both from the inside and from the outside. Clothing with a properly processed tag ensures its comfortable wearing.


You can always order jacquard labels in our company in the form of a roll or in some other form. Our equipment allows manufacturing various versions of tags – from inexpensive to luxury ones, from different threats, and different types of weaving. Our website provides an opportunity to order a pattern of jacquard label, printed label or printing of logos on ribbons. Delivery is carried out in different regions of Ukraine, in particular to the following cities: Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Dnipro, Lviv, Nikolaev. To do this, you must specify personal and contact information in a special form, after which the manager will contact to clarify the layout, size, and other details.