Woven labels

Label is the most important part of a product without any doubt, especially if it comes to clothing, underwear, bed clothes and shoes. Woven labels are popular, because they are sewed not only inside but outside as well. Most of them have embroidered trademark or product name. If you want to get high quality labels which won’t spoil image of your company, then order them at our company. Samples of finished products ensure the high quality of materials that are used for their production.

You should be aware that the width of the strip may vary from 10 – 200 mm. The length is not restricted. We don’t have the maximum number of colors for woven label. We focus on a model provided by a client. But if you need more than 4 colors on a label, it is better to sample made. If your order is more than 3.000 pieces we make a free sample regardless what number of colors is used. You can order production of woven labels in a roll or ones with bend edges, which are produced by using hot cutting and ultrasonic cutting methods.

It is hard not to agree that labels designed this way look stylish and their performance is perfect. Among advantages of woven products we can note that they are durable, resistant to numerous washings and do not fade in the sun. Labels are produced on a loom. The technology that involves special weave of polyester filaments forms the pattern. Such label will reflect the individual style of any brand.

What is more, we provide high quality of label edge processing. It affects the comfort while wearing clothes, shoes and provides long-term preservation of labels.












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