Leather Label

Do you still think that leather label is a luxury and isn’t affordable for every manufacturer? In fact, it is a status. Products with such kind of labels will look more expensive and impressive. Leather labels are used to emphasize prestige value of clothing and shoes or accessorize.

A lot of companies have already realized the benefits of genuine leather labels. In practice they help to create a brand name and strong image of the company. A customer understands that expensive label won’t be added to the cheap clothing. It means that goods with leather labels are really prestigious. There is a golden rule that branding starts with a quality label.

The price of the service depends on the size of leather product and circulation as well. By the way, artificial leather labels are 30% cheaper. In our label producing process high quality equipment is used embossing strips. Our experts provide individual service for each client. They help to choose design focusing on product features. Affordable prices for our service are important as well. We guarantee high quality and short time period for production.












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