Hang Tags

Many industries use label marking. They have the widest use in clothing and jewelry. Labels usually contain product information – its name, contents, size, marking, etc. They were filled in manually with a pen before. It is expensive to order such kind of labels in a printing house now, so a new technology was invented.

Hang tags with appropriate printing are produced in a few minutes with the help of special equipment. If it is necessary, bar coding can be used for trade item identification. Technology of producing hang tags can be different. As a result you can get a laminated product with a matte or glossy finish. It looks more impressive and attracts attention. Lacquer can be used as a protective coating. Such labels are cheaper but not very durable.

You can order hang tags with a delicate gloss. This effect is achieved by special technique of lacquer application. Glitter can also be used for the same purpose. It can be made of colorful, white, gold or silver metalized film.

If you order our labels, we will make sure that the image of your product will grow. This way you will not only provide important information to the customer, but it also helps to create a positive image of the product. Our experts will help you to set the design of hang tags so it will allow you to achieve desired effect and as the result success in business.












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